How do you launch a new spirit relying primarily on earned media while far exceeding sales expectations?
You create a brand with TV’s favorite bartenders and invite their fans to ‘Come on in!’
And… you get rid of the client ;)
Four Walls Irish American Whiskey is an original brand developed by former agency folks in collaboration with Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie Day, resulting in a fully formed brand at launch.
Before ever hitting shelves, the brand knew what it stood for, how it would act, and what its role in people's lives would be - something many more established brands are still figuring out.
The lean, in-house team’s launch marketing strategy was rooted in content-driven earned media, creating regular excitement and buzz as well as experiences that drove community engagement amongst fans and bartenders.
The results? Massive awareness that outpaced much larger competitors and sales continuing to outpace expectations.