Frequently Asked Questions

What is Four Walls?

Four Walls Whiskey is a new, super-premium whiskey brand from Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day that is a tribute to the Four Walls the gang calls home. Four Walls represents the four walls of the bar, one of the most important places in their lives and the place that has brought their story to the world.

The limited collection was created as a way to give back to the bar community while commemorating 15 record-breaking seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Who are the charities you’re working with?

Four Walls will always aim to support the bar community through direct relief. Proceeds from this limited drop will be donated to 501c-3 non-profit organizations benefiting the bartending community including the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association’s HARP (Hospitality Assistance Response of Pennsylvania). Follow @FourWallsTheBetterBrown on Instagram and @TheBetterBrown on Twitter to follow along with the brand’s ongoing efforts to support these well-loved places.

Who are your distilling partners?

You can read more about each product’s origins here but Four Walls works with the Cooley and Great Northern distilleries in Ireland and Wigle Whiskey, located in Pennsylvania.

Should I drink Four Walls or save it?

Why not buy three? One to drink, one to save, and one to sell.

Which countries do you ship to?

Right now we are only available in the United States but sign-up for our email list and you’ll be the first to know if that changes.

Which states with the United States do you ship to?

Through our retail partners, you should be able to get a bottle in the following states:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

If you’re not in one of those states, have a friend buy you a bottle instead.

Is this Gluten-free?

Our lawyer said we’re not allowed to say yes definitively but this article provides more clarity.

How about vegan?

There are no animal products or animal by-products in Four Walls.